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Rates for paramotor air baptisms and training”

Find on this page the rates for flights and training, from paramotor air baptism flights to complete pilot license training.

Prices 2024

  • 12-minute Discovery Flight: €69.
  • 20-minute Sensation Flight (including 5 minutes of free flight): €95.
  • 30-minute Exploration Flight (including 5 to 7 minutes of free flight): €130.
  • 40-minute Scenic Flight (including 7 to 10 minutes of free flight): €175.
  • 50-minute Scenic Flight (including 8 to 11 minutes of free flight): €218.
  • Grand one-hour flight (including over 10 minutes of free flight): €249.
  • For groups of 8 people or more, discovery flight 10 to 12 min: €59/person.

The video option for €25 allows you to leave after your flight with your experience recorded on a memory card, so you can share it with your loved ones and keep the memory of your flight:

  • Discovery flight + video: €94

  • Sensation flight + video: €120

  • Exploration flight + video: €155

  • Scenic flight 40 + video: €200

  • Scenic flight 50 + video: €243

  • Grand flight + video: €274

  • 2.5-hour initiation session to give you an overview of the training (theoretical introduction, presentation of equipment, basic gestures, ground paraglider inflation, motor acclimatization, and a discovery flight in tandem): €210. (the price of the initiation session is deducted from the Training package if you decide to follow it).

  • Training up to the foot-launch pilot license (autonomy): €1650. The package includes theoretical and practical lessons as well as the provision of school equipment.

  • Advanced training course for licensed pilots on your equipment over 2 days: €300, of which €60 is refunded by the FFPLUM (Back to Flight program).

  • FFPLUM insurance license for the year: €114.

  • Training up to the pilot license for young people under 25: €1250 (FFPLUM bonus) and €1110 with the BIA.

  • Carrying passengers on foot-launch or cart takeoff equipment: €390.

  • Training up to the pilot license for paragliders with a good inflation level: between €600 and €1000 depending on the number of sessions.

  • Paragliding course: €125 per day (thermal flight in free flight for paramotorists flying with their own wing).

  • DGAC fees: Registration for the theoretical license: €50. Issuance of an aeronautical title “ULM pilot license”: €80.

The paramotor air baptism activity depends on the weather; in case of unfavorable conditions, you will be informed the day before, and another appointment will be proposed. Flight vouchers are not nominative, have no expiration date but are not refundable.

In case of absence at the appointment, the voucher is canceled and not refunded.

Accepted payment methods:

  • Bank check
  • Credit card (only on the website, secured by Stripe or PayPal)
  • Cash

Contact us

Mobile: Email: clavurier@gmail.com Youth and Sports Approval: 08606 ET 0040 FFPLUM School Code: 8614

Baptême de l'air de Clemence à Poitiers
Briefing du décollage paramoteur de Florian pendant son stage à Chênevelles

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Stéphane Clavurier, paramotor instructor, welcomes you to the Chênevelles-Archigny paramotor base located between Poitiers, Châtellerault, and La Roche Posay for paramotor piloting courses at all levels and paramotor air baptisms.