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Paramotor ULM School

Take flight and come fly with us in Chenevelles! We are a motorized paragliding club and school located between Poitiers and Tours, close to Futuroscope and Chatellerault, since 2005.

Pilot Training School

The paramotor school offers air baptisms and training for the paramotor pilot license. We provide introductory sessions and advanced training courses for single-seater or two-seater foot-launch takeoffs.

Equipment is provided during the training period, and the school is equipped with regularly updated new paramotors to ensure training with recent and quality equipment. Plaine Envol also offers sales of new and used equipment.

The dream becomes reality


Fly Your Dreams

Flying with a Paramotor is living a dream, experiencing something unforgettable, enjoying exceptional landscapes… It’s an incomparable freedom

Stéphane Clavurier

I have had the chance to live my passion and turn it into my profession for 24 years! State-certified, member of the French team, ULM, paramotor, pendulum instructor, paragliding, and multi-axis pilot.

Gift Idea

Offer a moment of unique and unforgettable sharing. It’s the perfect activity to gift for a birthday, Christmas, a challenge, or simply to treat yourself.

Paramotor School and Club

30 minutes from Poitiers, 20 minutes from Chatellerault, 20 minutes from Futuroscope, and 1 hour from Tours.

Amazing initiation during a thrilling baptism! Breathtaking views of the region in the early morning with an instructor who instills complete confidence in us. Top-notch! Highly recommend!


A friendly welcome to share the passion of flying in all its forms. Paramotors, motorized paragliders, ULMs, and more. In Chenevelles, in the heart of Poitou, you can discover the green countryside from the sky! A must-visit!

Jean Spinette


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